Circular Accelerator

Start-up Portfolio

Thanks to the Circular Cities and Built Environment Circular ClimAccelerator, 68 start-ups covering each one of the circular phases – from raw material to design, from production
to distribution, from repairing to reusing, collection and recycling – have been accelerated to foster the net-zero transition.

Arcology Sytem, Ireland
2050 Materials, Cyprus
Loop Farms, Germany
Concrete4Change, Ireland
Munasafn RVK, Iceland
CoBenefit, Germany
Concular, Germany
Positive Carbon, Ireland
The ZeroNet, Ireland
GS Renewable, Ireland
Zenit Solar, Spain
ConcAI, Estonia
EasyHousing, Netherlands
Fernhay, Ireland
LightMirror, Lithuania
ParaStruct, Austria
Preflet, Portugal
ReLearn, Italy
Solight, Israel
Terratonics, Ireland
Toboro, France
Fhlud, Portugal
Reusable Technologies, Slovenia
Frieco, Italy
ProDecipher, Switzerland
4D Mater, Greece
wegozero, Netherlands
Tocco, France
Enerlind, Spain
Transcircular, Germany
SiWeGo, Italy
UP Catalyst, Estonia
Silicate, Ireland
SunCrafter, Germany
velow, Germany
Aeternum, Switzerland
Flinker, Germany
EcoMN, Hungary
ReLi, Germany
Artificient, Germany
Cosmos, Greece
SuperWheel System, Ireland
Era Zero Waste, Germany
Winkt, Germany
River Cycleway Europe, Ireland
Aexi, Ireland
Electric Avenue Bikes, Ireland
FixFirst, Germany
Babylon Gardens, Greece
Dycle, Germany
HubControls, Ireland
TroedelSpende, Germany
Danu Robotics, UK
Cooper's Refillery, Netherlands
kindby, Austria
Circleback, Germany
GreenBytes, Iceland
Niskus, Ireland
2GoCup, Ireland
ReFunk, Ireland
EVtech4u, Slovenia
Horizon App, UK
Batconnect, France
ihopa, Sweden
4OMID, Netherlands
Bay Leaf, Netherlands
Orosi AI, Germany

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