Circular Accelerator

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Thanks to the Circular Cities and Built Environment Circular ClimAccelerator, 68 start-ups covering each one of the circular phases – from raw material to design, from production
to distribution, from repairing to reusing, collection and recycling – have been accelerated to foster the net-zero transition.

Discover the solutions by sector




Concular is a circular construction startup using intelligent data-based material matching between deconstruction and new construction projects, life cycle assessment, and a comprehensive process for architecture offices, project developers, construction companies and manufacturers.

2050 Materials

2050 Materials is a platform for architects to design circular and low-carbon buildings, and then source building materials accordingly.


Concrete4Change is developing a technology capable of sequestering significant amounts of CO2 into concrete and reducing the CO2 emissions of concrete up to 60%. Enabling construction and concrete industry to transition from CO2 emitters to CO2 sinks.

Easy Housing

Easy Housing provides a circular and biobased building concept that is climate resilient and scalable across markets.
The buildings are zero carbon, can withstand extreme weather events like floods and hurricanes and are designed in timber to reduce up to 250% of CO2 emissions compared to concrete homes.


The Flinker App offers the first software ecosystem for real-time planning of sustainable construction projects. The start-up’s mission is to reinvent construction by making it controllable and sustainable enabling optimal collaboration between project stakeholders through smooth data flows.


Terratonics is a concrete free foundation system that allows manufacturers to replace concrete in foundations and subfloors with timber and light gauge steel frames and structural insulated panels while providing a modular division that designs, builds and installs eco-friendly buildings.

Arcology system LTD

Arcology System is a smart, data-driven, modular, adaptable interior construction system that unlocks circular economy value within commercial interior spaces for REIT’s, Developers and End-users quickly, more cost effectively with zero waste.


Using AI models and data, ConcAI reduces next mix development from 2 years and 200k project to 3 months and 20k.

Aeternum LTD

Aeternum develops reusable and re-adaptable buildings as carbon-neutral products for real estate owners and investors. The future-proof circular buildings are based on a standardized, sustainably manufactured kit of components, maintain value over life cycles and ensure end-of-life value recapturing.

Orosi AI

Orosi AI is a software that generates collision-free, completely norm-conform, and material-efficient MEP design suggestions in minutes instead of weeks for every trade.
The planner suggests the most suitable options for the project and is able to quickly adapt the design to new emerging circumstances.

Renewable energy and efficiency

Zenit Solar

Zenit Solar is the digital platform for solar communities.
The Zenit model makes it possible to consume renewable energy generated on the roofs of close neighborhoods, supporting the energy transition with zero impact on the environment: a model that maximizes sustainability while saving on electricity bills.

GS Renewable

GS Renewable builds modular heat pump plant rooms to provide clean heating, cooling and hot water for new and retrofit stakeholders in all sectors.
An established renewable energy company committed to providing renewable energy to businesses while helping them reduce energy costs and their carbon footprint.


CoBenefit is an end-to-end software that supports local initiators launching initiatives with qualified execution partners in a a win-win strategy that aims at merging individual benefits and climate protection. The software also helps authorities identifying climate action schemes and coordinating key actors.

Solight LTD

Solight LTD is an innovative, efficient, and affordable static solar lighting system.
The system collects sunlight throughout the day and supplies natural sunlight indoor, saving energy, reducing carbon emissions and air conditioning costs, and creating healthy living spaces.


Preflet is a SaaS platform that reduces carbon footprint cutting time to action and time to market by 90% featuring Mobile & cloud access 24/7 and eProactive AI Model. The product creates impactful AI solutions for SMEs, NGOs, healthcare, banking, smart factories and smart cities.


LightMirror is an architectural startup which brings sunlight to healthcare buildings and reduces their energy needs. The system redirects daylight towards the openings of a building to increase their solar thermal gain and thus reduce the building’s heating consumption without motorization nor electricity.


SunCrafter builds and operates smart infrastructure networks for the charging and parking of micro emobility vehicles in urban and regional areas. Stations are grid-independent and powered by (2nd life) solar panels, allowing rapid establishment of agile infrastructure networks, exactly where they are needed.

Hub Controls

Hub Controls‘ automated energy reduction technology saves 36.63% on residential energy use for space heating and cooling.


ReLi batteries focuses on giving a new life to electric vehicle batteries, innovating every step of it while reducing batteries’s waste and empowering consumers to take control of their energy. Their innovative technology makes these batteries smarter in order to increase sustainability and savings.


Enerlind is a patented product that enables apartments to produce and store electricity with no space impact.
Through disruptive solar blinds, Enerlind can provide builders and citizens a tool for achieving high energy and cost-effective buildings and fostering the transition to the net-zero.


UP Catalyst

UP Catalyst is a start-up developing, testing and perfecting the method to produce high quality sustainable carbon nano-materials and graphite from industrial CO₂ emissions through a process powered by either wind, solar or hydro energy resulting in a carbon negative production line.


4OMID creates portable systems to produce circular bio-composite bricks & blocks
helping construction companies to reduce their time, costs, and environmental footprint by building lightweight, efficient, and versatile structures.
The products are conceived to be later reused and repurposed.


Silicate is a climate solutions company leveraging the power of geochemistry to permanently remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
By speeding up a natural geological process, the weathering of silicate minerals, Silicate is removing excess CO2 from the atmosphere, and storing it over geological timescales.


ParaStruct is developing 3D printing technology to make the construction industry more sustainable, circular and CO2 neutral.


EcoMN is disrupting manganese production and making it eco-friendly & CO2 free.

Food tech

Era Zero Waste

Era Zero Waste is on the mission to make zero waste easy for everyone, by using technology to bring to life the most sustainable method of consumption. Via its website users can choose next day grocery delivery from sustainable local shops.

Positive Carbon

Positive Carbon is using patented food waste sensors and food detection AI, to provide food waste management tools to hotels, restaurants, and cities. By enabling them to develop advanced waste reduction strategies, companies are saving food and increasing their kitchen profits.

Loop Farms

Loop Farms synthesizes growing technology to construct circular food production systems. By incorporating solar and rainwater capture, Loop Farms’ closed-loop systems are designed to use non-traditional urban spaces, bringing farm-to-fork into our communities with naturally-grown and carbon-neutral produces and protein.

Bay Leaf

Located on the Maas in BlueCity010, Bay Leaf Vegan Foods produces the tastiest and 100% plant-based meat substitutes for the B2B market.

Niskus Biotec

Niskus has created “Protein on Demand” platform through a modular scalable manufacture of a novel myco-enhanced functional protein (MycoGain) utilizing Agrifood side streams (Brewery Spent Grains) to supply to food partner companies. MycoGain is an Eco sustainable alternative to imported soya protein and other high-cost alternative protein sources.


GreenBytes is a restaurant management tool for optimized ordering. The software calculates how much of each raw ingredient a restaurant should be ordering by using menu’s breakdown and AI to predict future sales.


COSMOS S.A. provides consulting and engineering services on circular economy, environmental management and sustainable development to the private and public sector. Their focus lays in the development of tools and tailored made IoTs in collaboration with research institutes and universities.


Hortee by Fhlud is an online marketplace and marketplace-as-a-service solution that enables farmers and consumers to trade with each other, within local food hubs globally connected.



Empowered by a cutting-edge proprietary AI computer vision technology, Artificient Mobility Intelligence developed Europe’s first AI smart driving app to accelerate a seamless and sustainable transition towards a safer, cleaner and smarter mobility experience.


velow is developing a healthy, green and flexible alternative to cars in cities – and a safe and comfortable alternative to bicycles: a closable e-bike with car comfort. velow can be leased on a monthly basis and shared it within the local community whenever it’s not needed.


SiWeGO is a platform (Android, iOS, Web) allowing both private users and professional drivers to deliver goods on behalf of third parties, sharing their own vehicle and itinerary, in order to prevent empty runs and to save environmental costs.


MUV turns safe and sustainable mobility into a Sport. It encourages responsible and healthy habits, measures progress by certifying CO2 reduction and, thanks to the data collected, lets companies and institutions co-create mobility plans.


EVtech4U is a consultancy focused on sustainable mobility, advising and implementing EV charging solutions in multi-parking buildings and public spaces across Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Austria.
Its competitive advantage is based on our bespoke and comprehensive solutions prioritising long term financial, regulatory and sustainability goals.


Batconnect has developed a complete set of algorithms, trackers and lithium batteries for small electric vehicles in order to increase the performances, availability and lifetime of equipment. These batteries have been made to be easy to use in second life applications such as stationary storage of renewable energies and chargers for electric vehicles.


Fernhay manufactures zero-emission, last mile logistics cycling and walking equipment. In turn, this is enabling parcels to be delivered across cities without the need for vans, which reduces the environmental impact of the businesses they supply to and the environments in which they operate in.

SuperWheel System

SuperWheel System uses patented ‘Weight (mass) to energy conversion technology” to transform ordinary bicycles to high performance bicycles. Using its innovative pedal assistance without a battery, cyclists can avoid speed limits of typical electric bicycles.

River Cycleway Europe

River Cycleway Europe (RCE) addresses some of the most significant social and environmental challenges faced by 21st century cities today. The design innovation company introduces carbon-neutral innovations in sustainable infrastructure for water-based transport systems, affordable housing and localized clean energy generation.

Electric Avenue Bikes

Electric Avenue is on the mission to transform the landscape of urban commuting. By providing private e-bike share schemes for companies, employees gain access to electric bikes for daily commute and can use the start-up’s platform to engage with fellow commuters and the team. Life cycle management is also an area of focus.

Information and Communication Technology

The ZeroNet

The ZeroNet is the world’s first cloud based SaaS platform designed around the logistical requirements of the Circular Economy. Our core proposition is to transform the way that products and materials are recovered – typically from the home – to drive a revolution in high value zero-waste recovery options especially reuse.


ProDecipher is a product sustainability operating system, a range of apps built around your regulatory and ESG reporting needs that bring traceability to your product’s supply chain to help your organization achieve its sustainability goals.


Tocco is a platform for sourcing sustainable products, automating
procurement processes, and managing carbon footprint.


TransCircular operates by creating the Circle of Trust with NFTs, enabling everybody to be involved in the circular shift.


AEXI – Advance Export Intelligence provides advanced intelligence processing to design sustainable and circular export market strategies for companies, governments, and global development organizations.

Reduce waste


wegozero is a zero waste consultancy supporting companies with their circular and carbon neutral ambitions. With a mission to make zero waste easy, fun & accessible – for everyone, the consultancy also offers free services such as zero-waste maps for consumers.


Horizon is a free app designed to engage communities in reducing waste. Our free app lets anyone scan a barcode to get accurate, local recycling, reuse or composting instructions for any product. Our mission is to work with local authorities, brands and retailers to reduce the impact of packaging.


ReLearn helps people, companies, and institutions to choose a waste-free lifestyle providing data and creating awareness. Through NANDO, a plug&play sensor that can be installed on existing bins, the start-up helps monitoring, reporting and reducing wastes increasing awareness on sustainable practices.

Reuse & Repair


toboro is a rental marketplace for objects shaping the future of the access economy through renting and sustainable consumption. Where overconsumption and poor waste management generate negative environmental impact, toboro is the solution for a more sustainable, equitable and safe place to live.


ihopa is a start-up revolutionising consumption by giving citizens and consumers a smarter and more sustainable option to overbuying: easy regular access to shared premium products through neighbourhood’s boxes located in residential areas via a monthly subscription.

Munasafn RVK Tool Library

Started in 2018 as a tool library, Munasafn RVK Tool Library is now a self checkout library of things, named Hringrásarsafn (Circular Library) and a hardware/software and repair company.

ReFunk Upcycling

ReFunk is a one-stop reCommerce platform that facilitates the buying, selling and upcycling of second-hand furniture through our marketplace and upcycling commissions through the jobs portal to fuel the circular economy in the furniture sector. Our goal is to emulate the success of circular clothing companies Depop and Vinted in the largely untapped circular furniture sector.

2GoCup LTD

2GoCup is an environmental initiative designed to prevent the production, consumption & landfill created by single-use cups while offering the same convenience and affordability to independent businesses right up to large organisations.

Cooper's Refillery

Cooper’s Refillery designs refill stations for liquid soaps and detergents. Our refill stations are sold to supermarkets and make it easy for customers to reuse plastic instead of throwing it away.


TrödelSpende is your online second hand marketplace for the good cause, which helps NGOs to raise funds by matching people who want to give or buy second-hand items in their surroundings.


BabylonGardens is an innovation lab for green technologies used in urban spaces. Their portfolio of technologies include solutions for green walls, green roofs and the urban space, specially designed to cater for the needs of the Mediterranean region.


The Winkt App is a social reality platform that enables small local retailers and gastronomers to connect with potential customers nearby in order to easily provide offers, invitations or no show replacements – direct, fast, efficient.


FixFirst is digitizing circular services and processes in the electronic repairs and maintenance sector. The B2B SaaS startup enables service providers, manufacturers, and retailers to transition to a circular future by creating a world where fixing products comes first.

Reusable Technologies

Reusable Technologies are developing advanced solutions to reuse of e-waste in new products, mainly focused on recycling Li-ion batteries.


4D Mater PC

In 4D-Mater, we develop the most amazing smart & multifunctional materials with sensing, morphing or plantable capabilities. We have a mission to develop materials that interact with the environment and show novel functions.

With unique know-how in materials science & engineering, we use non-conventional and advanced rapid manufacturing techniques for the realization of materials with various functions.


Frieco is an innovative startup operating in the field of carbon neutrality, specialized in sustainable waste management from a circular economy perspective, implementing solutions using technological innovation to obtain sustainable practices capable of facilitating and accompanying society towards the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Circle Back

Circleback is building a European deposit return system for FMCG packaging that gives brands ownership of their own packaging after it has been disposed by consumers.

Danu Robotics

Danu Robotics is a team of committed scientists and engineers working together to develop advanced and sustainable technological solutions for the benefit of the environment. Currently, we are developing a revolutionary robotic sorting system to significantly increase recycling efficiency and address the current global waste challenges.

Circular Textile


With kindby you can rent sustainably produced baby clothes. The best in quality for your baby and the most sustainable for our environment.


DYCLE is short for Diaper Cycle and is a zero waste diapering solution that creates Terra Preta soil substrate instead of waste. A 100% compostable diaper inlay allows to recollect and bring back valuable nutrients into nature.